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Weekly Shiurim/classes Schedule

Please visit this page frequently for updates on the shiurim schedule. 

All times are subject to change, please confirm with the office.

8:30am:     Minchat Chinuch – Rabbi Reuven Fink
8:30am:     Talmud Class – Rabbi Abish Zelishovsky
8:00pm:     Semichat Chaver - Rabbi Reuven Fink


12:30pm:   Parashat Hashavua – Rabbi Reuven Fink
7:00pm:      Tomer Devorah: Rabbi M. Cordovero – Rabbi Reuven Fink


1:30pm:      Sefer Daniel – Rabbi Chaim Axelrod


12:30pm:   Ruach
7:00pm:      Masechet Bava Metzia – Rabbi Reuven Fink



Daily Daf Yomi

Contact the shul office to be added to the Daf Yomi WhatsApp group for frequent schedule updates.        

Sunday:        6:15am
Monday:      5:30am & after Maariv
Tue /Wed:  5:40am & 7:30pm
Thursday:   5:30am & after Maariv
Friday:          5:40am
Shabbat:     6:45am & 1 hour before Mincha


Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784