Welcome to the website of the Young Israel of New Rochelle led by Rabbi Reuven Fink.

A member of the National Council of Young Israel, YINR has grown dramatically in recent years and serves 375 member families of all ages. YINR and the greater New Rochelle Jewish community provide a wide range of programs, services and other infrastructure.

We are located in the Wykagyl section of New Rochelle, often referred to as the “Queen City of the Sound.” New Rochelle is just 30 minutes to New York City by train or car and was recently selected by Business Week as one of the best places to raise kids.


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RUACH.  The next Ruach program will be Wednesday, June 26 for “The Human Heart: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” presented by Gene Wilk. The program begins with lunch at 12:30pm followed by the event at 1:15pm.  Please click here for the complete June 2019 Ruach program.


GENERAL MEMBERSHP MEETING. The annual general membership meeting will take place on Motzaei Shabbat, June 29 at 10:00pm. At that meeting we will vote on the Board of Trustees slate and YINR budget for 2019-2020, which have been sent out separately. The meeting also provides an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.


SHAIMOS COLLECTION. Our next shaimos collection will take place on Sunday, June 30 from 8:00am to 10:30am in the YINR Atrium (outside the Social Hall). To help defray the cost of proper handling and burial of shaimos, we are asking for a suggested donation of $18-$36 per box, depending on the size of the box.


WOMEN’S LEAGUE ROSH CHODESH SHIUR.  YINR’s Women’s League Rosh Chodesh Tamus shiur given by Rebbetzin Yael Axelrod will be on Tuesday, July 2 at 8:00pm at the home of Vera Kessler.


WOMEN’S LEAGUE SUMMER BREAKFAST SERIES.  Rebbetzin Yael Axelrod will again be presenting a summer breakfast series running on consecutive Wednesdays, July 10 through August 14, from 9:45-10:45am. If you would like to host one of these events, please email womensleague@yinr.org. The first breakfast will be hosted at the home of Rebbetzin Axelrod.


SAVE THE DATE: ANNUAL WOMEN’S LEAGUE BBQ WITH A TWIST. On Shabbat, July 27, Women’s League will arrange individual, intimate, Shabbat pot luck meals at host families, followed by a communal dessert at the shul. Email with sign up will be sent in the near future.


Shabbat Mevarchim 

Parshat Shelach

Candle Lighting: 8:13pm

 Mincha: 7:00 / 8:20pm


       Hashkama Minyan: 7:45am

       8:30 Minyan: 8:30

       Main Minyan: 9:00am

Mincha: 8:00pm 

Shabbat Ends: 9:22pm