WL BBQ 2019

Annual Women’s League BBQ… With A Twist!
Shabbat Lunch – Parashat Pinchas – July 27th 2019

Enjoy a pot luck Shabbat lunch as a host or guest followed by a Tea Room full of delicious desserts back at the Shul!
Tea Room opens at 3 PM.

Host at NO Charge/ Guests $25 per Adult / $10 children over the age of 12 / $60 Maximum per family

The Women’s League will provide meat, chicken and wine to the host family to prepare.
Guests will bring challah and side dishes to complete the Shabbat meal.

Sign up for your dish when you receive your “perfect pot luck” email listing your group and menu!

Note – We will be EXCEPTIONALLY mindful when assigning Host and Guests to ensure a wonderful meal for everyone!

Registration is now closed.

Questions? Send an email to wlbbq@yinr.org