Simcha Guidelines

Young Israel of New Rochelle Facility Rental Agreement (click here to download)

The YINR Simcha Committee and Board of Trustees look forward to ensuring your event runs smoothly. Please carefully read through this agreement so that you understand what is required to reserve the date of your simcha, as well as obtain important information required for your event.

Only YINR shul members in good standing are permitted to book an event. An event is booked by submitting the necessary forms and fees (see below). Please contact our Executive Director with any questions regarding these forms or guidelines.


  1. A Simcha Reservation Form, together with a $500 down payment, must be submitted to reserve a date for a simcha. Reservation forms will be accepted no more than two years prior to the event. The down payment will be credited toward rental of the shul facilities for the simcha. The down payment is not refundable and is not transferable, i.e. the down payment may not be used by a member or an affiliate to satisfy any other financial obligations at the shul or toward rental of the shul facilities for another simcha.
  2. Smachot will only be placed on the shul calendar once the Simcha Reservation Form has been submitted and a signed confirmation has been received by the host . IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION OF YOUR SIMCHA DATE WITHIN TWO WEEKS AFTER YOU SUBMITTED THE FORM, PLEASE CONTACT THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.
  3. A reserved date may be cancelled 1 year prior to event date with a full refund of the down payment.
  4. Approximately three months prior to your simcha date, the shul office will contact you to determine exactly what is required so that this Facility Rental Agreement can be completed. Your $500.00 down payment will be applied to any Facility Rental Fees associated with your simcha.
  5. All rental fees must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to event.
  6. A security deposit fee of $500.00 is required at the time of the Facility Rental Agreement (separate from the initial $500 down payment) and is refundable after the event is over if there is no damage and no additional cleaning or maintenance is required. YINR will be responsible for inspecting the facility after the event.  If any repair or replacement of property or additional cleaning beyond the usual and customary cleaning is required after the event, then the cost thereof shall be deducted from the Security Deposit. If the amount of the Security Deposit is not sufficient to pay such costs, you shall remain liable for the balance and shall pay all such amounts within ten (10) days of the event. The Security Deposit, less any amounts so incurred, shall be returned to you within fifteen (15) days after the event.
  7. Each vendor must supply YINR with a Certificate of Insurance to cover Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation. YINR must be included as “an additional insured” on the liability portion of the certificate with respect to the event date. The insurance policy must have a minimum policy limit of $1,000,000, with a general aggregate limit of $2,000,000. It is the host’s responsibility to obtain such certificates and have them emailed or faxed to the Executive Director at least two weeks prior to the event date.
  8. In the case that an event exceeds 90 guests, security is required. YINR will arrange for a security guard and bill the member $57/hr (rate could vary depending on time/date). During the hours in which YINR hires security on a regular Shabbat, you will not be charged.




  1. Reservation Forms will be accepted no more than two years prior to the event. There is a 2 week “window” in which to submit a Simcha Reservation Form. For example, for a Bar Mitzvah scheduled for September 1, 2022, one could submit a form between September 1, 2020 and September 14, 2020. Any Reservation Forms received by the shul office during this 14-day time period will be given equal priority for that date.
  2. If a family does not submit a Simcha Reservation Form within the 2 week “window” for a date that has already been reserved, it will not be given equal priority status for that date.
  3. If two or more families submit Reservations Forms during the 2 week “window” for the same date, the Simcha Committee will apprise the families involved and facilitate a resolution to the best of its ability.
  4. If two families have agreed to share a date for a simcha and only one family is celebrating a simcha of a first degree relative, then the family celebrating a simcha of a first degree relative has precedence over choice of caterer and location of simcha.


  1. Only one caterer will be allowed to cater in the shul over the course of a “Shabbat” or Yom Tov. A “Shabbat” consists of the time period from Friday evening through Saturday night. Yom Tov consists of the time period from initial candle lighting through Motzei Yom Tov. All families having events in the shul on the same Shabbat must use the same caterer. The family who reserved the date first has the right to choose the caterer. In the event the two smachot have equal priority and the families cannot agree on the same caterer, the Simcha Committee will facilitate a resolution to the best of its ability. Any simcha occurring on Sunday need not use the caterer who catered over the prior weekend.
  2. Only one caterer will be allowed to cater in the shul during any given weekday.
  3. Caterers must call the Executive Director to arrange for any deliveries to the shul prior to the event. All Friday deliveries must be at the shul by 1 PM.
  4. A mashgiach must be hired for all catered events. As a rule, the caterer will engage a mashgiach for a full-service catered event.
  5. Any caterer that is hired must be approved by the YINR rabbi. All equipment should be tagged with the identity of the caterer.
  6. All deliveries prior to an event must be coordinated with YINR staff and may only be made at the convenience of the YINR staff. YINR is not responsible for items delivered in advance of an event.
  7. When preparing for an event and during the event, you, your caterer and your vendors shall use your and their respective best efforts to minimize noise, disturbances and interference with the minyanim and other activities that may be taking place concurrently in YINR. You are responsible for all of the conduct of your guests.
  8. Cleanup should include:
  9. All food, utensils, and equipment that do not belong to YINR must be removed from YINR at the conclusion of your event.
  10. All refrigerators, freezers, warming cabinets, sinks and ovens must be emptied and cleaned.
  11. All chairs and tables must be reset in the manner found prior to the event.
  12. All floors must be swept and mopped (as appropriate) and all facilities (including carpet) must be left in substantially the same condition in which they were found prior to the event.
  13. All garbage should go inside the garbage shed (double bagged and tied up) except on Sundays when they should be brought directly to the North Avenue YINR garbage pick-up. Garbage bags are to be supplied by the caterer; YINR will not be responsible for providing them. All boxes should be flattened and put into the correct recycling receptacle/area.


  1. A mashgiach must be present at time of food retrieval from storage areas (warming boxes, etc) and service.
  2. For all deliveries, arrangements must be made in advance with the shul office. All Friday deliveries must be at the shul by 1 PM.
  3. Table set up and break down for a drop off event can be arranged through YINR for a fee of $100 per 50 people.
  4. Waitstaff for drop off events cannot be arranged through YINR. The office can give members suggestions for reliable waitstaff services.


  1. All exits, hallways and aisles are to be kept clear at all times and nothing obstructive is to be placed such that it inhibits access to the exit doors. No exit door should be locked, bolted, or otherwise fastened.
  2. Curtains, trellises, and the like cannot be put in between or around the social hall double doors (to avoid alteration of the magnetic mechanism that is activated in the event of a fire alarm). No curtains or the like should be hung in such a way as to block or cover any exit signs.
  3. Event hosts, planners, and vendors must know ahead of time how many outlets will be required. Examples of items requiring dedicated outlets are grills, fryers, urns, cotton candy machines, video walls, laser shows, and various others. If YINR is not able to accommodate, event hosts and vendors may need to bring in backup generator(s).
  4. Trucks cannot be parked in any way that obstructs entry into the garage or shines any light into neighboring homes.
  5. No loading /unloading trucks before 7am or after 1am; The only exception is for trucks unloading for an early morning brit milah. All work and loading/unloading should be done in as quiet a manner as possible, recognizing that the synagogue abuts a residential area.
  6. There is no storage in the electrical room.
  7. There is no storage of any items in any of the fire stairwells, in any other location that blocks fire doors, or any public access area.
  8. Chairs should not be stacked high and should not be placed along the social hall walls near the sconces. (Failure to comply with documented resulting sconce damage will result in a penalty being assigned.)
  9. No open flames shall be allowed without express permission from YINR. This includes Shabbat candles or tea lights and tea lights used on the tables as part of decor. It is the host’s responsibility to obtain permission prior to the event, and YINR reserves the right to refuse any unapproved open flames at the time of an event. Pyrotechnics in any form are not allowed.
  10. A list with names of any staff who will be working in the building on an event must be given to the office at least 3 days prior to the event for security purposes.


  1. Flowers and other decorations in the Main Sanctuary should not obstruct the Rabbis’ views of congregants and vice versa.
  2. Absolutely no decorations of any kind can be adhered to any walls, windows or doors using tape, glue or staples. In addition, nothing can be hung from the ceilings which can cause potential damage. Please make sure the vendors you have chosen are aware of these parameters as you will be charged for any necessary repairs to the facility.
  3. Balloons and other items cannot be put on the handrails of any staircase in such a way that inhibits safely walking up and down the stairs.
  4. All balloons and wall/ceiling hangings must be removed at the end of the event. If any are left in the ceilings and/or light fixtures then the host will be charged for the cost in removing same (including any necessary equipment rental fees).
  5. The use of glitter and confetti is expressly prohibited at YINR. If glitter or confetti are used you shall be charged a fee for extra maintenance and cleanup.


  1. If you plan to have more than 90 adults (approximately 45 families) at a simcha when driving is possible, a valet service must be hired to park guest cars in the underground parking garage and on the street. Please consult the shul office for names of valet services.
  2. Between the months of October and April, the Wykagyl Country Club parking lot may be available for rental. If the parking lot is rented, a valet service is not necessary. Contact the YINR Executive Director to confirm parking lot availability.


  1. When applicable, you must be in touch with the YINR Gabbaim regarding your honors/Aliyot. Allocation of all kibbudim remains under the sole and absolute discretion of the Gabbaim with Halachic decisions under the sole and absolute discretion of the YINR Rabbi.
  2. On Shabbat Shuva and Shabbat Hagadol, it is traditional that the Rabbi has the maftir aliya in the main shul.


  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the Main Sanctuary or Beit Midrash at any time.
  2. Candy bags will be allowed to be thrown at life cycle event minyanim; only soft contents (eg: marshmallows, fruit gels) may be used.
  3. All food that is to be stored in the YINR kitchen/refrigerator must come from a source which is approved by YINR, and must be sealed with tape and bear the Hashgacha of the supervising agency.
  4. All wine must be mevushal, per Rabbi Fink.


When the lobby will be used for food service, the caterer and host must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Doors to the Main Sanctuary and Beit Midrash must be locked while food is being served in the lobby.
  2. Upholstered chairs will be removed from the lobby.
  3. There will be no hot food stations permitted in the main lobby. Only finger foods, or toothpicked foods may be passed around by waiters.
  4. Caterer is responsible to regularly inspect lobby and main stairway for spills or dropped food.
  5. If the Main Sanctuary will be utilized for a program, food and beverage service will cease ten minutes prior to the program. Doors to the Main Sanctuary will be unlocked only after caterer has at least one person positioned at each sanctuary entrance (2-4 people max) with trays to collect glasses and any additional garbage.


  1. Each Shabbat, the regular weekly Kiddush following the main minyan must take place in the large majority of the Social Hall, even if a private simcha follows. The southern section of the Terrace Room may be used for table set up for the private simcha. (Prior approval necessary.)
  2. Each Shabbat, the regular weekly Kiddush following the Hashkamah minyan must take place following davening, even if a private simcha follows.
  3. Tables for children and adults must be set up at every Kiddush.
  4. All public kiddushes must be “nut free”.
  5. Individual beverage cans should be opened and used only by bartending staff at a Shabbat/Yom Tov event; they should not be made available for guest usage.
  6. Room rental fees cover the use of the room(s), use of tables and chairs, kitchen facilities, coatrooms, rest rooms, and YINR’s underground parking lot. A YINR maintenance employee will be present in the building throughout the set up, rental period, and clean up, but is not available or responsible for any set up (including moving chairs or tables), food service (including warming, set up and clean up), or related jobs before or during the event.
  7. YINR retains no responsibility or liability for items brought onto the property, or for any items not removed at the conclusion of the event. Items cannot be removed from the shul on Shabbat. All items (including flower arrangements and center pieces) must be removed at the end of the simcha, unless prior arrangements are made with the Executive Director. There will be a $250 surcharge for disposal of any items left in the shul after 48 hours.
  8. When tables and chairs are ordered privately, they may need to be stored in the garage and it is the responsibility of the host/caterer to bring them to the Social Hall for the event.
  9. Animals are not allowed, with possible exception of service animals for invited guests, and must be cleared by YINR staff ahead of time.
  10. For Shabbat events: elevator is to be used only in Shabbat mode. Stop button should not be pushed and elevator should not be held open—this can cause shutdown of elevator.
  11. You may provide coat check service for your guests. YINR does not provide personnel or materials for coat check service and does not accept any responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
  12. Due to the special nature of Shabbat Hagadol and Shabbat Shuva, smachot will be allowed to take place in the Social Hall on those Shabbatot only at the discretion of the executive board.
  13. A kiddush taking place in the shul building following any Shabbat morning minyan must be open to the entire shul. There is no room fee when the entire shul is invited to attend a sponsored kiddush or event.
  14. On a week where an 8:30 minyan is scheduled on the shul calendar, a kiddush can be sponsored following that minyan.

Failure to comply with the Facility Rental Agreement will result in refusal to allow caterer/party planner to return to YINR. The host will be charged with any damage sustained to the facility as a result of failure to comply with these rules.

The Synagogue assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of personal property, including motor vehicles or articles of clothing brought to or left on the Synagogue premises. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Synagogue, including its employees, agents, directors, officers and members from any and all claims, liabilities, losses and demands for any actions whatsoever for personal injury, death or property or other damages to You or any person attending the Function, due to any cause whatsoever, even if arising from negligent acts or omissions and to reimburse the Synagogue, including its employees, agents, directors, officers and members, for any expenses or loss, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses, incurred by reason of any such claim being made against the Synagogue, including its employees, agents, directors, officers and members. You assume the responsibility of so notifying the Caterer, any other contractors or vendors and all guests.

The Synagogue is not responsible for acts or damages resulting from alcohol consumption or substance abuse of your guests or invitees.

The Synagogue shall have no responsibility for failure to supply the Facilities or for the condition of the Facilities as agreed upon when prevented from doing so by strikes, accidents, inclement weather, power shortages or any other cause beyond the Synagogue’s reasonable control, or by order or regulations of any governmental authority, or otherwise.



Space to be Rented Price Dates/Hours Approximate Number of Guests
Social Hall (Includes Atrium)


Half Social Hall (100 people or less)


MP1 (Upper Level)* *Maximum seating capacity is approximately 80 seated with a

buffet/100 served.

Lobby $400    
Atrium only* $400    
MP2 (Upper Level) $400    
MP 5-6 (Lower Level) $400    
Mashgiach Fee TBD    
Terrace Room** $1200    

 Social Hall+Terrace Room= $2200

A/V equipment= $100

*Limited availability; please confirm with shule office

**Rental is for entire terrace room; no subpartionting of area is allowed


Special Requirements: (e.g. early entry for decoration or storage; refrigerator truck; deliveries, coat check, special equipment, including by photographer, band, performers, etc.)



YINR does not represent or warrant that you will be the only occupant or renter of the Facility before, at the time of, or after your rental. Specifically, you acknowledge that (i) other YINR activities such as minyanim or classes, or other rentals in spaces of the Facility not reserved by you may take place concurrent with your rental, and (ii) other YINR activities such as minyanim or classes or other rentals in the space or spaces of the Facility reserved by you may take place before or after your event.

The facility may only be rented during the time of your event. No parts of the facility may be rented during a period when the event is not taking place.

 Rates can be adjusted as follows:

  • If renting more than one room on the same day, for the same event, halve the cost of the lower priced room (i.e. Social Hall and MP1 will be $2,000 ($1600 + ½ of $800). Any two smachot occurring within a 24 hour period over Shabbat – beginning at the start of Shabbat on Friday evening though the end of Shabbat on Saturday night – would be entitled to a discount rate.
  • The cost to rent the Social Hall for a Bris is $800 (Weekday) and $1,000 (Sundays)
  • The Lobby fees are not eligible for the second room discount pricing.
  • Room rental rates are for a maximum of five hours. Room use beyond five hours is subject to approval and is charged as follows:
Social Hall $300/hour
½ Social Hall $150/hour



Special Requirements: (e.g. early entry for decoration or storage; refrigerator truck; deliveries, coat check, special equipment, including by photographer, band, performers, etc.)



YINR does not represent or warrant that you will be the only occupant or renter of the Facility before, at the time of, or after your rental. Specifically, you acknowledge that (i) other YINR activities such as minyanim or classes, or other rentals in spaces of the Facility not reserved by you may take place concurrent with your rental, and (ii) other YINR activities such as minyanim or classes or other rentals in the space or spaces of the Facility reserved by you may take place before or after your event.



By executing and delivering this Agreement, you agree to abide by each and every term thereof. This Agreement may be terminated at any time by YINR upon notice to you in the event that you fail to abide by any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the exhibits attached hereto.

Name (Signature): _____________________________

Name (Printed): _______________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Accepted on behalf of YINR:

By: ___________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________

Total Rental Fee: _______________________________

Total Security Guard Fee: ___________________________

Down Payment Received: ________________________

Security Deposit Received: _______________________

Balance of ______________________ and Security Fee of __________________

Due on ________________________________




If the type of function is a bar mitzvah or aufruf, please complete the following information:

To take place Shabbat Morning at (check one):

______  Hashkama

______ 8:30 Minyan

______ 9:00 Main Minyan

_____  Sephardi Minyan




(To be submitted no more than 2 years prior to simcha/event)


DATE SUBMITTED: _________________ DEPOSIT ENCL.: $500.00  Check No. ________

MEMBERS’ NAMES_________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE:  HOME _________________________ CELL _________________________

EMAIL ____________________________  (Confirmation, upon approval, will be sent to this address.)



    ___ BAR MITZVAH       ___ BAT MITZVAH       ___ AUFRUF   ___ PARTY     ___ OTHER


EVENT DATE(S): (If a weekend is required, please specify all dates)

    HEBREW DATE(S) _______________________________ 

    ENGLISH DATE(S) _______________________________

    If event is on Shabbat please specify where you wish to daven:

     Main Minyan _______ 8:15 Minyan _______   Hashkama _______   Sephardi ______



    Child’s Name: Hebrew ______________________   English ______________________

    Child’s English Birth Date: MM/DD/YY________________________________________

    Child’s Hebrew Birth Date: MM/DD/YY________________________________________

            If event is on Shabbat, please state Parsha of the Week. ________________________________________________________________________




  1.   You must be a YINR “member in good standing.”
  2.   A deposit of $500.00 must accompany this form and will be applied to any Facility Rental Fee(s) associated with your simcha. If you are not renting any shul facilities the $500.00 will be credited to your account after the date of the simcha.




Simcha Committee, by: __________________________   Date:  ____________________