Ruach Zoom Recordings

November  2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Controversial Issues Continued: Where Do You Stand?”, by Aytan Adler 11/22/2023
October 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Precision Medicine”, by our member Chaim Trachtman, MD 10/25/2023
Ruach: “This land is mine”, by Rabbi Binyamin Yablok 10/18/2023
September 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Culinary Customs of Rosh Hashana”, Rabbi Avi Hoffman 9/13/2023
August 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Andy Warhol: 10 Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century”, by Elana Kaplan 8/30/2023
Ruach: “Kicking Off The High Holiday Season”, by Rabbi Chaim Axelrod 9/23/2023
Ruach: “Jewish Heroes of NYC”, by Susan and Art Zuckerman, licensed tour guides and historians 8/2/2023
July 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “A Brief Presentation of a Long History of illuminated Ketubot”, by Fred Spinowitz, YINR member and artist 7/19/2023
Ruach: “Van Gogh’s Cypresses”, by Elana Kaplan, Museum Educator, and Lecturer 7/12/2023
Ruach: “Youth Mental Health Crisis”, by Shuli Karkowsky, YINR member and CEO of Moving Traditions 7/5/2023
June 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Rebbetzin Abby Fink: Get to Know Your Rebbetzin! an in-person interview” 6/28/2023
Ruach: “Thriving Through Adversity”, by Aytan Adler 6/14/2023
Ruach: “evolving educational landscape in Israel and the role AMIT plays in fostering innovation in education”, by YINR member and AMIT President Audrey Trachtman 6/7/2023
May 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Rheumatic Problems: Joint Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness”, by Rebecca Trachtman, MD, MS 5/24/2023
Ruach: “The Artistic Friendship of Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas”, by Elana Kaplan, Educator and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 5/17/2025
Ruach: “Rise of Mystical Speculation and Celebration of Lag BaOmer”, by Rabbi Fink 5/10/2023
Ruach: “Operation Benjamin: A Labor of Purest Love, Devotion and Respect.” by Laurie and Eli Epstein 5/3/2023
April 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Affirmative Action”, by Aytan Adler 4/19/2023
March 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Evidence of the Exodus” by Elana Kaplan, Educator and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 3/19/2023
Ruach: “a 30-minute low-intensity chair workout (accessible to men and women of all ages)” by Ilana Milstein, Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Health Coach. 3/15/2023
Ruach: “From Shushan to Egypt: A Spiritual Journey”,  by Rabbi Avi Hoffman, Teacher at JRE and Rav Bet Sefer at Westchester Torah Academy 3/8/2023 
February 2023 Recordings
Ruach: “Synagogues Around the World”, by Aytan Adler 2/15/2023
Ruach: “novelists who have used real Westchester communities as inspiration in their fictional stories”, by Barbara Davis, Co-Director of the Westchester County Historical Society. 2/8/2023
Ruach: “Tu B’shvat Seder”, by Rabbi Reuven Fink 2/1/2023
January 2023 Recordings
Ruach: MLK Day Special program and discussion 1/18/2023
Ruach: a presentation by Johny Halpert, YINR member, author, coach and grandparent, “the values and dangers that competitive sports present for children, parents, grandparents and coaches living in the orthodox Jewish world”, 1/11/2023
Ruach: “Ruach 2022 Year in Review, by YINR member and Ruach volunteer, Aviva Andreen 1/4/2023

December 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “public parks and private gardens at the Metropolitan Museum of Art”, a presentation by Elana Kaplan, Educator and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 12/28/2022
Ruach: the film “Amen-Amen-Amen: A Story of our Times” – scroll all the way down to the movie (donating or not) 12/14/2022
Ruach: “Deception and Intrigue in Breshis,” by Joseph Rackman 12/7/2022

November 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “the 25 most beautiful destinations in the United States”, by Aytan Adler 11/29/2022
Ruach: a presentation by Alex Roth-Kahn, Managing Director of the Caring Department at UJA , “Addressing Food Insecurity with UJA.” 11/16/2022
Ruach: “In Praise of Dutch Painting: Dutch Masterpieces at the MET”, a presentation by Elana Kaplan, Educator and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  11/2/2022

October 2022 Recodings
Ruach: a presentation by Shani Karni Aduculesi, Choreographer, Founder and Artistic Director of Roza Dance Company 10/19/2022

September 2022 Recordings
Ruach: a presentation by Laurie Bilger and Eli Epstein, “a visit to Saudi Arabia as guests of the Saudi government” 9/21/2022
Ruach: “a retrospective of artwork by the artist Alice Neel”,  Elana Kaplan 9/7/2022

August 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “Hot Button Issues at the Supreme Court.” Aytan Adler 8/31/2022
Ruach: a presentation by Rabbi Chaim Axelrod on “his family’s first trip to Israel with photos, historical information, and tips for planning one’s own trip to Israel” 8/17/2022
Ruach: Dr. Randi Shane Kerstein, Associate Professor of Psychology. “Learn how the brain receives, processes and stores information, and learn some tips to help improve your information-processing system!” 8/10/2022
Ruach: Mikey Dubb’s Owner and Founder, Mike Weissman. “Learn how frozen yogurt was invented on Coney Island in 1919” 8/3/2022

July 2022 Recordings
Ruach: a presentation and a cake decorating lesson by YINR member Rachel Berger, “The Kosher Dinner Lady.” 7/27/2022
Ruach: YINR’s Mara D’asa, Rabbi Fink, entitled, “Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: The Pursuit of Peace. 7/20/2022

June 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “A virtual tour of the American Wing at the Met”, Elana Kaplan 6/29/2022
Ruach: Film “The Red Sea Diving Resort”, available on Netflix 6/22/2022
Ruach: the film “The Red Sea Diving Resort” 6/22/2022
Ruach: “Understanding Medical Decision Making and Miracle Drugs”, Dr. Izzy Gutwein 6/15/2022
Ruach: “Trademark Liscensing”, by Cory M. Baker 6/8/2022

May 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “The Gilded Age”, by Susan & Art Zuckerman 5/18/2022
Ruach: Film “It is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl”, available on Tubit 5/11/2022
Ruach: “From Sadness To Joy” by Deganit Ronen 5/4/2022

April 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “A Story of Courage, Compassion, and Rescue”, by Henry and Bernard Schanzer 4/27/2022

March 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “Musical Concert”, by Oren Neuwirth and Jonah Brooks 3/23/2022
Ruach: “Finding Your Purpose In Life and Doing Something About It,” by Vera Kessler, founder and host of “America’s Top Rebbetzins” 3/9/2022

February 2022 Recordings
Ruach: “Presidential Viduy: An Analysis of Bill Clinton’s Apologies Amidst Scandal,” Avi Spira 2/23/2022
Ruach: “A Break with Dawn,” by Shachar Liran-Hanan, Westchester Shlicha 2/16/2022

January 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Get to Know Your Rabbi! Rabbi Reuven Fink, Mara D’asra of YINR since 1981. How well do we know our rabbi? A candid, in-person interview with Rabbi Fink 1/19/2022
Ruach: Tu B’Shvat program, by YINR member Shuli Karkowsky, Hazon’s Chief Integration Officer 1/12/2022

December 2021 Recordings
Ruach: tribute to the nine wonderful years of Ruach under the indefatigable leadership of our very own Vera Koppel, by Aviva Adler 12/29/2021
Ruach: The Art of Claude Monet, by Elana Kaplan, educator and lecturer at the Met 12/22/2021
Ruach: The Songs of Naomi Shemer, by Richie Katz 12/8/2021

November 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Israel and the Media – How to Win the Battleground of Ideas, by Dovid Efune, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Algemeiner 11/10/2021
Ruach: Tangiers WWII – Jewish and Nazi Spies & Counterspies, by Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Serels, Knighted by King of Spain Humanities Chair, Berkeley College 11/3/2021

 August 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Stained Glass Windows at the Met by Elana Kaplan, Educator and Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 8/25/2021
Ruach: Returning to Shul, by YINR member Rafi Kalman, Principal at Schechter Queens 8/18/2021
Ruach: The New Entertainment Industry, by screenwriter Ben Koppel 8/4/2021

July 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Lone Soldiers in Israel, by Ronit Bart, Garin Tzabar Coordinator 7/7/2021

June 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Celebrating the 4th of July – American Painters by Elana Kaplan 6/30/2021
Ruach: How Archaeology in Modern Israel Sheds Light on Tanach, by Rabbi Baruch Felberman 6/23/2021
Ruah: Internet Security by Martin Cowan 6/16/2021
Ruach: Israeli Wines, a (Short) History, by Leah Jaroslawicz 6/9/2021
Ruach: Climate Change by Eugene Wilk, PhD 6/2/2021

May 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Comedy on Demand by Aytan Adler 5/26/2021
Ruach: How Did You Two Meet by Barbara Rascoff and Roberta Ziegel 5/12/2021
Ruach: Jerusalem – An Unbreakable Bond by Yael Schulman 5/5/2021

April 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Protecting Yourself From Fraud by Aviva Halpert 4/28/2021
Ruach: Making the Met – 1870-2020 by Elana Kaplan 4/21/2021
Ruach: The Miraculous War of Independence by Rabbi Dr. Baruch Felberman 4/14/2021
* Ruach: Nostalgic New York – 1950s, 1960s and 1970s by Susan and Art Zuckerman 4/7/2021

March 2021 Recordings
Ruach: Discovering Jaffa and Tel Aviv by Joel Haber 3/17/2021
Ruach: The Paris Photo by author Jane Gavin 3/10/2021
Ruach: Visiting the Biblical Museum of Natural History by Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin 3/3/2021

February 2021 Recordings
Ruah: New Genealogy Workshop Presented by Moriah Amit 2/24/2021
Ruach: Stories from Behind the Scenes of a University COVID Response Presented by Mary Koppel 2/1/2021
Ruach: The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2/10/2021
Ruach: Our Gala 8th Anniversary Party 2/3/2021

January 2021 Recordings
Ruach: In Search of Israeli Cuisine 1/27/2021
Ruach: The Body’s Battle Against COVID-19 Presented by Dr. Eugene Wilk Ph.D. Biology 1/20/2021
Ruach: Virtual Tour of the Negev 1/13/2021
Ruach: Great Comedians of New York 1/6/2021

December 2020 Recordings
Ruach: by Audrey Trachtman, President of AMIT 12/23/2020
Ruach: Laura Ben-David, anecdotes and her unique perspective 12/16/2020
Ruach: MET’s world-renowned collection to explore Jewish history in ancient Egypt 12/9/2020
Ruach: How My Life Was Impacted by 30 Years of Travel to Arabia 12/2/2020

November 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Covering the News in the Newsiest Year 11/18/2020
Ruach: New Rochelle’s Part in the Great War 11/11/2020
Ruach: A Virtual Taste of Machane Yehuda Market 11/4/2020

October 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Carver, Moore and Peretz 10/28/2020
Handouts for the meeting of 10/28/2020:
R Carver A small good thing – Reading for Ruach 10/28/2020
Lorrie Moore People like that are the only people here – Reading for Ruach 10/28/2020
Bontsha the Silent – Reading for Ruach 10/28/2020
Ruach: Common Sense Revisited 10/21/2020
Ruach: Lost and Hidden Jewish Communities: Benei Menashe 10/14/2020

September 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Librarians from the Center for Jewish History 9/23/2020
Preserving Family Photos Documents_Resource Guide – Reading for Ruach 9/23/2020
Ruach: Laughter is the Best Medicine – Part 3 9/9/2020
Ruach: The Israel Museum: The Billy Rose Art Garden 9/2/2020

August 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Palestine Posts: An Eyewitness Account of the Birth of Israel 8/26/2020
Ruach: Uncovering the Secrets of the Western Wall 8/19/2020 (Vera’s birthday!)
Ruach: Hebrew Free Burial Association in the Time of Covid-19 8/12/2020
Ruach: Claiming Your Inheritance 8/5/2020

July 2020 Recordings
Ruach: Two Zions: A Living Legacy of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon 7/29/2020
Ruach: ‘Hi Grandpa!’ and Other Scams 7/22/2020
Ruach: This is Where I Leave You 7/15/2020
Ruach: The Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem 7/8/2020
Ruach: Tracing your Jewish Roots 7/1/2020

June 2020 Recordings 
Ruach: Send in the Clowns “A Blast From the Past 6/17/2020
Ruach: Humorous New York and Unusual Tidbits 6/3/2020

May 2020 Recordings 
Ruach: How did you two meet 5/27/2020
Ruach: Stanley Bernstein and John Tanico –  John was the beloved Italian mailman in the Chassidic neighorhood of Boro Park for 40 years5/20/2020
Ruach: movie WishMakers 5/13/2020

April 2020 Recordings 
Ruach: The Secrets of Central Park 4/22/2020