Past Shiva Information

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Shiva of Mr. Jean Claude Nissim Darmon, beloved father of Nathalie Chorna.

Shiva of Mrs. Irene Feuerstein, beloved mother of Herbert and Stewart Feuerstein.

Shiva of Maureen Goldberg, beloved mother of our member Gary Goldberg and grandmother of Lara Fogel and our member Jenna Marvin.

Shiva of Stanley Feuer, beloved father of our member Barry Feuer.

Shiva of David Schulman, beloved brother of Lori Lieman.

Shiva of Mr. Oscar Heller, beloved husband of Adelaide Heller, father of Baila Weiss.

Shiva of Tully (Neal) Auerbach, beloved husband of Alisa Auerbach, father of Sarah (Heller), Jordan and Adam.

Shiva of Dorothy Lewis, beloved mother of Meir Lewis

Shiva of Dr. Martin Schub, beloved father of Ben Schub.

Shiva of Hertzie (Harris) Bak, beloved husband of Lolly Bak, father of Aryeh, Yoni, and Phil Bak and brother-in-law of Dina and Marc Sterman

Shiva of Dr. Lester Kosowsky, beloved father of our former member Cindy Mann

Shiva of Jerry Steinberg, beloved father of our member Samantha Engelhardt

Shiva of Jeanne Luyt, mother of our former member, Lynette Tulkoff

Shiva of Kenneth Wiebke, beloved father of our member Chaim Wiebke

Shiva of Jerry Herman, father of our member Jill Goldfein

Shiva of Betty Trachtman, mother of our member Chaim Trachtman and grandmother of our member Sarah Blechner

Shiva of Dora Weingarten, mother of our member Lynn Weingarten

Shiva of Joseph Abelow, father of our member Avrami Abelow

Shiva of Rose Bolshon, mother of YINR’s former executive director, Barbara Bolshon

Shiva of Dr. Ronnie London, former YINR member, husband of Amy London and father of our member Dani Salzberg and of Ari and Rabbi Eytan London

Shiva of Marty Beran, father of Alan Beran

Shiva of Susan Siedler, sister of our member Deborah Zwany

Shiva of Bernard Kleinman, father of our members Anne Jaroslawicz and Joey Kleinman, and Susan Kleinman Wechsler

Shiva of Dr. Herbert Hoffer (former member), father of Asher Hoffer

Shiva of Yossi Mazurek, husband of Sara Mazurek and son-in-law of our members Sharon and Jason Koutcher

Shiva of Milton Steinberg, father of our member Susan Steinberg

Shiva of Edward Chernoff, husband of Phyllis Chernoff and father of Deidre Greene and Sabrina Landau

Shiva of Melanie Berger, mother of our member Chaim Berger

Shiva of Dr. Edward Klibanoff

Shiva of Hannah Shahmoon

Shiva of Joan Modlin, mother of our member Stephanie Greene

Shiva of Saul Lieman, father of our member Hesh Lieman

Shiva of Abe Sodden, husband of Marion Sodden

Shiva of Esther Mellick Levin, stepmother of our member Joel Levin

Shiva of Andrew Burian, Moshe ben Mordecai, father of our members Saul Burian and Lawrence Burian

Shiva of Feiga Wagh, mother of our member Moshe Wagh

Shiva of Eve Stern, mother of our former member Yaakov Stern

Shiva Dr. Moshe Avital, husband of Anita Avital, and father of our member Reva Slasky

Shiva Yossi Hartman, father of our members Karen David and Jamie Hartman

Shiva Beverly Zelkowitz, mother of our member Laura Dworetsky

Shiva Jean Goldsmith, mother of our member Rochelle Goldsmith

Shiva Daniel (Danny) Novich (former member), husband of Betty Novich

Shiva Toby Feuer, mother of our member Barry Feuer

Shiva of Elliot Goldberg, brother of our member Adrianne Goldberg Meller

Shiva of Mendel Trachtman, father of our member Chaim Trachtman and grandfather of our member Sarah Blechner

Shiva of Sarah (Kleinman) Syzdlow, mother of our member Chavie Wilner

Shiva of Sy Allis, father of Beth Wittenberg and Marnina Allis Berkovitz

Shiva of Violet Black, mother of our member Deborah Zwany and grandmother of our member Sarah Goodman

Shiva of Joe Douer, son of our members Claudia and Marcos Douer and brother of Esther and Rebecca

Shiva of Gerald Zisholtz, father of our member Anne Wasserman

Shiva of Ernie Einzig, father of our former member Rabbi Joshua Einzig

Shiva of Albert Scher, father of our member Brad Scher.

Shiva of Yitz Friedman, husband of Shirley Friedman and father of our member Yisroel Friedman

Shiva of Meir Ouaknine (Meir ben Chaim Ouaknine), father of our member Nataly Neuwirth

Shiva of Michael Engel, father of our member Adina Fand

Shiva of Dr. Arthur Turetsky, husband of Dr. Rochelle Turetsky and father of Avi Turetsky, Rabbi Gershon Turetsky, and Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky