Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the shul email list?

You can join the email list by clicking on this link

I sent an email to to join the email list and I haven’t been added. What happened?

The only way to join is by clicking on this link. The office cannot add you to the email list as we don’t know your email preferences.

How do I update my profile or change my information for the shul’s email list?  Is there a password I need?

You can update your profile at any time by clicking on the link in the bottom of any email you have received. You can change your email address as well. You do not need a password, just a saved previous email.

Can I become a member online?

Yes, by clicking on this link

I joined the shul’s email list but I am not receiving my email?

Our shul’s email system is hosted by Constant Contact. Sometimes IT administrators at corporations, banks & law firms over aggressively filter your email. Make sure your filters are set to accept email from and Constant Contact.

Additionally, if you use a AOL or Yahoo email account those mail providers also aggressively filter graphical email. So your email from the shul which contains graphics may end up in the junk folder. We suggest you check your settings to ensure that YINR and Constant Contact are added to your safe or whitelist of senders.

If you have already received email and stopped receiving email all of a sudden, check your junk folders as many email providers frequently update their junk settings.

Our suggestion based on delivery of our email to date is to use as your email address for YINR email. You can also easily forward mail from (via your settings) to your preferred email (i.e. your work account).

For a more detailed explanation send us an email and you will receive an automated reply with detailed instructions.

I sent an email to and no one responded.  How come?

This email address is only used for sending email. If you have questions for a various department or group at the YINR please consult our Contact Us page to find the right email address to send to.

How do I plan a simcha in the shul?

Check out our simcha information on our website.  

I have a question about my monthly statement who do I contact?

Our Executive Director can be reached via email

Does YINR have a hospitality committee?

Yes. You can contact them and get more information by emailing