Adult Education


8:00am:  Minchat Chinuch – Rabbi Reuven Fink

Talmud Class – Rabbi Abish Zelishovsky


12:30pm:  Parsha Hashavua – Rabbi Reuven Fink (starting after the Chaggim)

7:00pm:  The Tanya – Rabbi Reuven Fink


1:30pm:  Melachim – Rabbi Chaim Axelrod


9:15pm:  Masechet Kiddushin – Rabbi Chaim Axelrod


8:30am:  Women’s Tehillim Group at the home of Anne Wasserman

8:00pm:  Masechet Bava Metzia (for men) – Rabbi Reuven Fink


Between Mincha and Maariv:  Talmud Class Moed Kattan – Rabbi Reuven Fink

Teen Class – Rabbi Chaim Axelrod

Daily Daf Yomi

Sunday   6:40 am

Monday   5:30 am and after Maariv

Tuesday and Wednesday  5:40 am and 7:30 pm

Thursday   5:30 am and after Maariv

Friday   5:40 am

Shabbat:   6:55 am and 1 hour before Mincha


Please visit this page frequently for updates on the YINR Education Classes.