WIJS Past Events and Recordings

Past Recordings:
Dr. Jenna Weissman Joselit on the topic: “From Mount Sinai to Main Street: The Americanization of Shavuoth” 5/9/2022 click here
Dr. Simkovich will speak on the topic: “What Did the Diaspora Mean to Jews in the Roman World?” 2/9/2022 click here
Dr. Miriam Udel, “Within and Without: Constructing Modern Jewish Boyhood
and Girlhood”
1/5/2021 click here
Dr. Michal Raucher, “Books and Babies: Reproductive Literacy among Haredi Women in Israel” 12/8/2021click here
Dr. Carol Meyers, “The ‘Gender Gap’: The Bible, Archaeology, and Israelite Women”
11/14/2021 click here
Dr. Pamela Nadell, “America’s Jewish Women: A History from Colonial Times to Today (W.W. Norton)” 10/5/2021 click here
Dr. Miryam Wahrman, “Jewish Genes and Genealogy: Implications of Genetic Testing” 6/8/2021 click here
Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld, “Privacy in the Age of Social Media: Hezek Re’iyah and Modern Life” 4/11/2021 click here
Dr. Rachel Furst, “Medieval Women and the Rabbinic Establishment: Voices from the Courtroom” 4/18/2021 click here
Dr. Rachel Korazim, “Land and Identity: An Exploration of Poetic Approaches to the Land of Israel” 2/21/2021 click here
Dr. Ayelet Hoffmann Libson, “Autonomy and the Value of Life in the Talmud” 1/24/2021 click here
Dr. Ellie R. Schainker, “Epidemics, Agunot and Mass Media: Debates on Reforming Judaism in Tsarist Russia” 12/20/2020 click here
Yael Leibowitz, “Satan’s Evolving Role in the Bible and Jewish Thought” 11/15/2020 click here
Dr. Erica Brown, “Noah’s Vineyard and the Parent/Child Relationship” 10/18/2020 click here


All lectures are free of charge and open to both women and men. 

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