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YINR Shabbat Hagadol Newsletter 

Chag Kasher v'Sameach


       Parshat Acharei Mot                           12 Nissan 5774                    April 11-12, 2014


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Shabbat Times

Candle Lighting: 7:12pm

Mincha: 7:00pm

Daf Yomi: 6:55am & 5:50pm

Hashkama: 7:45am

Teen Minyan: 8:45am (MP1)

Main Minyan: 9:00am

Mincha: 6:50pm

Shabbat Hagadol Drasha: 7:10pm (Rabbi Reuven Fink) -

Topics are: 

 "Maror in Halachic Literature" and

"Yetziat Mizrayim and the Tefillin Controversy"


Shabbat Ends: 8:18pm



Shacharit: 7:30/8:30/9:00am

Mincha/Maariv: 7:20pm


Please click the following link for the davening times for Monday, April 14th through the end of Pesach, Tuesday, April 22nd


Pesach 5774 Schedule


Schedule of Classes


Minchat Chinuch - Rabbi Reuven Fink will be not be held this week  


8:00am: Talmud Class - Rabbi Abish Zelishovsky of Bais Medrash Gavoha of Lakewood



8:30am: Women's Tehillim Group at the home of Anne Wasserman


8:00pm: Talmud Ta'anit - Rabbi Reuven Fink


Daily Daf Yomi Shiurim

Sun: 6:40am

Mon: 5:30am 

Thu: 5:30am & after 9:00pm Maariv

Fri: 5:30am

Shabbat: 6:55am & 1 hour before Mincha


Calendar Links

April Calendar


YINR Hospitality

Welcoming New Members to YINR!  Women's League's Hospitality Committee plays an important role in helping to ensure that newcomers to our community feel welcome and have a smooth transition.  Please email the shul Hospitality Committee if you:


* need a Shabbat or Yom Tov


* would like to host new

  members for a Shabbat


* have any ideas as to how we

  can better serve guests and

  new members

* know of new families who

  are visiting the



The Hospitality Committee

Tamar Croog, Noelle Albanese-Levin, Cheryl Malina, Mickey Nyer and Randi Shane.


Taharat Hamishpacha Guidance

Mrs. Shaindel Fink is available to advise women and answer questions regarding taharat hamishpacha (family purity) with the guidance of Rabbi Reuven Fink.  She is certified as a teacher in Jewish Marital Education and welcomes calls or texts on her mobile phone: 914-265-0065.


NewRoShul Mailing List

The NewRoShul Yahoo Group is a mailing list serving Jewish families in the New Rochelle vicinity.  Topics of discussion involve childcare, service providers (electricians, gardeners, plumbers, doctors, etc.), items for sale/to give away, and much more.  Men and women welcome.  Please click here to join.  If you have any questions, please contact Tamar Weinberg.


Shabbat Youth Program

Shabbat Morning Schedule  

9:00 - 10:30am: Babysitting (MP3/4)

9:30 - 10:30am: Junior Cong (MP2) for 1st-4th Grade

10:30 - End of Shul: GROUPS in various locations (see below)


Nursery - MP 3/4

Kindergarten - MP 2

1/2 Girls - SOCIAL HALL

3/4 Girls - MP 5-6

5/6 Girls - MP 1

1/2 Boys - MP 1

3/4 Boys - SOCIAL HALL

5/6 Boys - MP 7 

Parsha Groups - Conference Room


Our Sponsors 


Please contact the shul office if you are aware of any employment possibilities that can be promoted to our members


Please email

if you are interested in sponsoring a future edition of this newsletter.


Helpful Hints

Please do not send emails to  This is an UNATTENDED MAILBOX.  Please direct your emails to:


Email us your news

All information that you want included in the weekly email must be sent into the shul office at VIA EMAIL ONLY by 10:00am Thursday morning to ensure inclusion in that week's email announcements.  Thanks for your cooperation. 


Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov to Sherri and Josh Duitz on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son Zack in Israel.  Mazal Tov to Zack's brothers Adam, David and Jack.


Mazal Tov to Esther and Jack Goldman on the marriage of their son, Dov, to Merav Knoll in Jerusalem.  Mazal Tov also to aunt and uncle Miriam and Ike Wirgin.


Mazal Tov to Mahla and Hilton Soniker on the birth of a grandson, born to their children, Rabbi Elon and Estee Soniker, of West Hempstead.  Mazal Tov also to aunts and uncles Adina and Robby, Sara and Carmiel, and Jonathan.


Mazal Tov to Beth and Paul White on the birth of a granddaughter, born to their children, Ita and Amir White of Ramat Beit Shemesh.


To send a tribute card from YINR in honor of these smachot or any other reason, please click here.



We extend condolences to Laurie Popiel on the passing of her beloved father, Leon Popiel.  Laurie can be reached on her mobile phone (847-370-2717). 


To send a tribute card from YINR in memory of Leon Popiel, please click here.


Tomchei Shabbos

Thank you to the following families for sponsoring this week's Tomchei Shabbos:

Dina and Ira Herman in commemoration of the yahrzeit of Ira's father, Bernard Herman

Ellie Siegel in commemoration of the yahrzeit of her husband, Kenneth Siegel 



The Rascoff family is most grateful to Rabbi Reuven and Abby Fink, Rabbi Chaim and Shaindel Fink, the officers, the Women's League, the Chevra Kadisha and the entire congregation for their support and kindness and all manner of assistance during this difficult time.  May we all enjoy a kosher and sweet Pesach in peace and in good health.


Pre-Pesach Mother/Daughter Shiur by Shayna Bekritsky - This Shabbat!  Moms - it's a chance to bond with your daughter over Torah.  Daughters - impress your family even more at the Seder table!  Join us on Shabbat afternoon at 6:00pm in MP1 for an interactive Pre-Pesach shiur with Shayna Bekritsky.  We will be taking a closer look at the Hagadah with the hopes of understanding what it is we are reading on Seder night.  You don't want to miss out on this special opportunity.  The program is open to mothers with their daughters in 5th-8th grade.    


Thank you to Aaron Berman and Yaakov Jaroslawicz who did the Pesach utensil kashering.


There will be siyumei b'chorim following all morning minyanim on Monday, Erev Pesach.  Thank you to Dina and Ira Herman and the entire Herman family for sponsoring the siyumim in commemoration of the yahrzeit of Ira's father, Bernard Herman. 


Everyone is reminded to remove any chametz from their personal tallit bags, seat areas and lockers.


Please remember that the kaylim mikvah is available for tevilah of Pesach purchases.  The mikvah is located in the garage around the corner from the elevators.


The Main Sanctuary and upstairs multi-purpose rooms have been cleaned for Pesach.  Please do not bring any chametz into these rooms.


There will be no kiddush following the Main Minyan on Shabbat, April 12th due to the Women's League Pre-Pesach Lunch.



Pesach Information

Hand Made Shmura Matzah.  The matzah has arrived and is available during regular office hours.  All matzah must be picked up by Monday, April 11th at 11:00am. 


Sale of Chametz.  Rabbis Reuven and Chaim Fink will be available at the shul to be appointed as an agent to sell your chametz on Sunday, April 13th from 8:00am to noon.  Rabbi Reuven Fink will also be available every day after the first Shacharit minyan, after Mincha/Maariv, and any time by appointment.


Men's Mikvah Hours.  The mikvah will be open for men's use on Erev Pesach, Monday, April 14th from 7:45am until 9:00am.  Please bring a towel.  Suggested donation is $15.  


Pesach Sedarim.  Know anyone who still needs a place for Pesach?  The Flame-NJOP-YINR sedarim will try to accommodate anyone up to the last minute.  Please email Mat Hoffman.


Please click here to download the OU Passover Guide.



THE NORPAC Annual Mission to Washington together with Ruach.  Registration will close soon for participants in this year's NORPAC Mission to Washington, Wednesday, April 30th. Participants in small groups meet with members of Congress from many parts of the country to personally advocate on behalf of the US-Israel relationship.  We are proud to have a record-setting New Rochelle bus contingent and we are on track to have the highest registration of communities our size!  A bus departing from and returning to YINR is included.  Meals and snacks will be provided. On-line registration and additional details are available at or by contacting Judy and Marc Berger


If you would like to sponsor Ruach in honor or in memory of someone, please contact Vera Koppel.   


Communal Yom HaShoah Commemoration.  This year's annual Yom Hashoah Program will take place on Sunday, April 27th at 7:30pm at Young Israel of New Rochelle.  Our keynote speakers will be Holocaust survivors and twin brothers Dr. Bernard Schanzer and Mr. Henry Schanzer, who were hidden and saved by two Righteous Gentiles in France, while their family perished. Please make every effort to attend this meaningful program. 


Liberation Kiddush.  On Shabbat, May 3rd, our shul will once again commemorate the Liberation of many of our parents and relatives from the horrors of the Shoah.  We will host a Kiddush Hoda'a in their honor and in gratitude to Hashem.  We will hear from Mrs. Marianna Goldner who will publically share her family's story of survival for the first time.  Anyone interested in sponsoring the kiddush should contact the shul office.  The cost is $100 to sponsor. 


Chai Lifeline Shabbaton.  The teen women and girls of Chai Lifeline and their counselors will be joining us this year for the Shabbat of May 10th - 11th. The program will include Friday night dinner and Shabbat lunch with Chai Lifeline, as well as a unique women's Seudat Shlishit program. Rabbi Simcha Scholar, head of Chai Lifeline, will give the drasha in the main minyan. There are sponsorship opportunities that were detailed in a separate e-mail.  There are also volunteer opportunities for YINR teen and college aged girls - if interested, please e-mail Marcella Berman or Bonnie Leventhal.


Women's League

Pre-Pesach Meals.  We look forward to joining together for our Shabbat seudot.  Dinner will start after the 7:00pm minyan and lunch will start after the main minyan is over.



Pre-Pesach Pizza and Movie Matinee Sunday, April 13th, N - 6th grade from 1:00pm to 3:30 pm. Movie: TBD.  For pizza lunch, please RSVP here by Thursday, April 10th.  Lunch price - $5. Movie is open to all at 1:30pm in the Social Hall. 


Check out Teen Minyan Central HERE to see what's happening in Teen Minyan.